Waterside Ecology

Independent Ecological Consultancy

Mammals and Birds

Ecological survey, management advice and research can be provided for a range of purposes. Both Jon and Lorna have long track records working with otters, with over 30 years joint experience in UK and abroad. On completing a Ph.D. on otters in Scotland, Jon spent a number of years in Alaska, studying sea otters and is a member of the IUCN Otter Specialist Group. Eurasian otters are designated as European Protected Species and are accorded a number of legislative safeguards. Waterside Ecology can advise on appropriate management of habitat for otters and on avoiding or mitigating potential conflict between otters and developments.


Survey and monitoring of other mammals, including water vole, badger and red squirrel can also be provided in-house. As with otters, some of these species may be of particular concern to developers, and we can advise on licensing issues and mitigation where necessary.


Lorna has a long-term interest in the role of predator prey interactions in the management of species of conservation interest. She has carried out research on a number of species, both in the UK and abroad, where knowledge of predator behaviour and activity were required to inform the development of management strategies for a protected species. Most recently this work has focused on bird species, including black-throated divers.



Recent projects:


Investigating the causes of black-throated diver nesting failure on Loch Maree (SNH)

more info on this project


Survey and management advice on otters in Glen Nant and Glasdrum National Nature Reserves (SNH)


Interim study of lamb and sea eagle interactions on the Gairloch peninsula (SNH)